Certificate Drone Precision Agriculture Proficient

Using drones in agriculture is one of the pioneer commercial usages that were developed by the drone industry. But is it the right solution?

Is the time right to use drones in the agriculture industry?

In the industry, drones can be used in various fields such as crop spraying, tree counting, soil analysis and crop monitoring to name a few. With the large area that agriculture requires, together with delicate environment, drones are able to bring much to the table. Drone technology is now being recognized as a tool that can be used in the agriculture industry as a part of the green solution whereby the outcome will not be compromised. Instead, by using drone, farm owners are able to see better effectiveness and better yield with lesser money and time and less labor. The technology that comes with the drone industry are also able to help land owners to make better judgments and decisions by robust data analytics to gain effective insights on their crops and the surroundings. There is much to be explored in the industry! Learn more by joining the Assured Certificate Drone Precision Agriculture Proficient program.

Certificate Drone Precision Agriculture Proficient

Course Information

  • Duration
    2 days (Offline learning)
  • Pre-requisites
    Minimum 5 flight hours of multirotor UAV
  • Certification
    Institute for Drone Technology Australia
    City & Guilds UK
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