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The remarkable benefits of UAV/Drone Technology, revolutionizing the industries at greater phase creates crucial need for instance talent development to fulfill the increasing need of such skilled workforce.

ADTA, by assembling various industry UAV/Drone Technology experts under one roof, in spearheads the UAV / Drone talent development vertical in the drone economy. ADTA is the first in Asia, to offer Certified specialized, commercial and industry specific drone training programs for beginners and drone pilots of all skill levels and backgrounds. The training methodologies of the programmes offered by ADTA are specially crafted to cater the nuances of various tiers of trainees; i.e. school leavers, undergraduates, postgraduates as well as the members of the top management of an organization.

The Professional Diploma and industry certification training programs have gained recognition internationally and duly accredited by qualified bodies. Hence, ADTA is a known name among the commercial, public safely and government organizations to conduct contemporary training to new recruits as well as existing officers, in the course of discharging their highly sensitive Drone/UAV required tasks.

Drone is NOT for the Future;

Skilled Drone/UAV pilots are significant assets in an organization to achieve business goals; i.e minimizing costs and maximizing profits, through precise and efficient processes.

The job does not end when the drones are flown into the targeted area. The industry is not just asking someone to come on board to fly the drones and up and down.

We need to have in mind that the Drones, while flying, are performing some designated tasks, capturing data and delivering output. Therefore, talents in Drones are should not just merely focused on hard skills of turning right and left or making yaws, additionally the talent development for Drone/UAV Technology shall be comprehensive to comprise end to end Drone/UAV functionalities.

In a nutshell the training programs on field applications will have the following outcomes:

  • Skills on drones manoeuvring depending on site conditions
  • Data collections
  • Mechanical performance
  • Point to point communication
  • Data interface and integration

Upon receiving the raw data, specific tasks required to be performed to achieve the goals, therefore trainings are also provided for drone driven data processing. The outcome of this training:

  • Data analysing
  • Pattern reading
  • Solution application
  • Predictive analysis
  • Data support
  • User view/dashboard for decision making
  • General availability through open source portal/sharing

This will further open doors for drastic industry benefits through detailed processing of Drone driven metadata, when incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Drone will be able to provide autonomous predictive analysis that will cut half of the industry processes today.

The common questions business owners ask when before embarking their journey with the Drone/UAV Technology:

“Is my company/business too big/small to have the drone/UAV technology on board??”

Be it:

a start-up!a fortune 50 company!a solo venture!

There are thousands and thousands of Drones and its related applications that can basically fit into any type of business, disregard the size, to cherish the business with unimaginable commercial benefits and profits. This is proven with the numbers shown in the statistics, indicating steady increase in the use of commercial Drone applications in the course of their business. Integration of Drones in the operation is turning into a must than an option, to stay competitive in the business, therefore more and more enterprises are embarking in this journey of Drone/UAV Technology.

Consequently, this has created tremendous demand for commercial drone pilots.

Now, your question is do I have a future as a Drone Operator??

As we told you, Drone is not for the Future, Drone IS FUTURE. From the border patrol to pipeline inspection, Drone are massively taking over.

Are you interested to take up a course or graduated in relation to ENGINEERING, COMPUTER SCIENCE, IT, BUSINESS OR CREATIVE STUDIES?

And thinking can I have drones to go with it?

Yes, of course!

The job opportunities based on the Drone Skills are as limitless as the sky, from managing the hardware and software to becoming a certified trainer. Esports and Mobile apps are Drone enthusiasts’ favourites, the income it generates through an activity of interest is definitely eye bewildering.

For Who


Wish to streamline your business process using drones? This drone training program is all you need to accelerate your growth. Enroll your employees and scale up your business.

Novice Drone Operators

Aspiring to launch an exciting and rewarding career as a pro commercial drone pilot? Our certified drone training program is a brilliant pick. Attend this program and achieve greater heights in your career. Guaranteed.

Marketing Professionals

Want to impress your prospects? This drone program will offer amazing ways to capture your construction sites and real estate properties using drones. Join this program and create jaw-dropping marketing pitches, presentations and videos.

School Leavers

Drone Operator can be you next high income career ? No matter what’s your age and profession is - if you have the willingness to learn and put to action what you learnt, this course is right for you. Sign up for this training program and shine in your life.



At breakneck speed, drones have moved from expensive military technology to a tool for business. Within years, hundreds of drones will be in sky doing work in construction, oil and gas, agriculture and many more. This program is a short course program aim to expose learners on basic drone operation, rules and regulations of drone operation in Malaysia and practical drone operation.


The agriculture sector has gradually adopting drone technology as part of digital solutions to improve operational efficiency and increase profitability by utilising the data and end solution such as drone sprayer. This program is designed to expose participants on how to utilise different sensors to generate different maps which provide better insights for plantation management. Also, participants will be trained in operating the commercial drone in spraying fertilizer and pesticides.


Drone technology has widely used in few industries such as construction, agriculture and engineering to generate aerial mapping and modelling data. Compared to conventional methods, drone mapping can produce high quality maps with better processing time and cost efficient. This program is designed to expose participants on how to use drone mapping technique to collect, analyze and produce high quality map and modelling data for commercial use.


Whether you’re inspecting a new building, solar panel, tower, roof or a windmill it’s important to capture accurate data quickly. This is a well structured program which upskill you to safely and easily capture a high-resolution aerial view of a inspection object in minutes. Real practical case studies to ensure either back in the office, or out in the field, trainees can easily analyse high-fidelity objects make measurements to help them make better and faster decisions. Apart from that we amplify the program with customized and public application familiarization.


Today, many companies are using drones to capture data that was previously dangerous, difficult, or expensive to obtain. How do you take the images captured by drones and turn them into usable data that informs decision-making?


This training course will provide you with the knowledge and ability to repair your own aircraft, saving you valuable time and money. Our trainers are expert UAV/Drone repair technicians. They will provide you with the tools to diagnose and repair your own equipment. You will also learn how to recognize potential component failures before they occur and preventative practices to extend the life of your aircraft and accessories.

Professional Diploma in Drone Technology

This professional diploma by Qualifi UK is designed for learners who use drones for commercial purposes and have responsibility for the supervision of one or several commercial drone pilots. This qualification also aims to support deployment practices for individuals working as supervisors for a team of pilots so they will seek to ensure safety is prioritized and risk is managed.

MSC ( Malaysia Skills Certificate Level 2 and 3 )

Drone industry has dramatically changed from military and warfare to commercial industries such as construction, inspection and surveillance. This program is designed to meet the existing demand in various industries where it will covers the operational practices and standards for a competent Drone Pilot.

Commercial Drones Pilot License

This course is developed according to official syllabus of Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA). This course aims to adequately train remote pilots so that the performance of their functions can be developed in a board safe knowledge environment.

Drone for Corporates

Very rarely do companies or government departments invest immediately in a full-scale internal drone program. Typically, internal innovation programs led by one or more “drone Champions” convince senior managers to conduct a limited trial of drone technology, with the goal of proving a business case sufficient for executive buy-in. This one day program is designed to cater for the middle managers and C-Suites.



We partner with forward-thinking Drone / UAV / Aerospace companies, government agencies, associations, academias and the drone economy players to ensure our diverse certified trainees has the connections needed to empower the drone economy.

Academia / Qualification Bodies

Drone / UAV Champions


Government Bodies / Agencies

Career Pathway

Malaysia Centre of Drone Excellence

Talent development for professional programs in relation to Drone/UAV requires first class training facilities and equipment, in order to match the industry expectations. Having said that, ADTA has inked collaboration with Institute for Drone Technology and Centre for Drone Excellence, Australia, for technology and knowledge transfer for efficient Drone/UAV training in Malaysia, adapting real time environment. The training facilities made available at Malaysia Centre of Drone Excellence, MyCODE, that replicates CODE, is the first facility in Asia, solely dedicated for Drone/UAV training.

Each training programmes of ADTA is conducted by only industry certified training (with endorsement from Institute for Drone Technology and CODE) in MyCODE, therefore, upon completion of the training, the trainees are rated as 90% industry ready. The future enhancement to facilities in MyCODE will include simulation rooms/facilities and incubator centers for various research and development in relation to various commercial applications of Drone/UAV Technology.


Applications are now open !

Do you have a passion for pursuing a new and exciting career and skill set as a commercial drone operator ?

Asia Drone Technical Academy ( ADTA ) are proud to present an industry first. We are offering:

fifteen fully sponsored UAV and Drone training scholarships
(leading to a commercial drone operator proficient )

This scholarship includes a 6 weeks course for the students as well as the theory element of the course.

Accommodation for the duration of the course will borne by the students. You will also be given access to a drone for the duration of the course – it is recommended that you think about purchasing your own drone following the completion of the course.

In order to ensure you are committed to completing this course, you must must complete the Mandatory units:

For the right candidates, there may be opportunities to complete work experience with a professional drone companies

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